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Mogen Korea takes the lead with the goal of creating value.

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Company Overview

Mogen Korea, who always constantly researches with accumulated technology and passion

Mogen Korea, an eco-friendly company that considers people and nature, is seeking for improving performance toward the best by doing its best to achieve the vision as the world's best special motor and generator manufacturer.

In particular, the world is now trying to save energy through high efficiency, high function, and modularization, and is pursuing new growth engines of green growth and low carbon emissions.

Under these circumstances, our headquarters possesses the development technology of a brushless BLDC motor and an integrated BLDC motor with a built-in driver, as well as a variety of special motors including military special motors and stepping motors, and TRACTION motors based on solid technology on the basis of energy-saving.

In addition, as a specialist that manufactures prototypes tailored to the order specifications of research institutes and universities, we provide customized products that accurately respond to customer specifications and satisfy differentiated customer's needs through customized Dynamo Systems that can measure various motors and generators.

In this, we aim at establishing our company image as constantly making efforts for customers through continuous product development and quick customer service for ceaseless researches and development and quality improvement under the management policies of first, future-oriented manpower training and technology researches, and, second, positive thinking and active momentum, and, third, creation of the world-best products and services, and, fourth, responsibilities and service for humanity and customers.